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The Incense Guy


Yes ... repairs. Imagine!

Who repairs anything these days? We do! And we do it FREE OF CHARGE!*


The lamps we carry are all 'component', meaning that the various parts are replaceable.

While we carry the best quality aroma lamps available (and individually test every one,

at the time of purchase!), even the best of things can develop the occasional problem.


We stand behind every item we sell. Our policy is fairly straightforward:

* We will fix (or replace, at our option) ANY aroma lamp sold by us (Tabletop OR Nite-lite)

at ABSOLUTELY NO COST for parts or labor. This is an 'Honor System' policy, naturally,

so we reserve the right to decline to repair lamps not sold by us.


Understandably, we do NOT replace burnt-out bulbs or broken glass bowls free of charge.

But we will take care of any electrical component (dimmer switch, touch switch, etc.) and

any wiring issue that may arise, other than those due to owner neglect, misuse, or abuse.

Those sorts of issues, and any other repairs within the extent of our expertise (like replacing

a lamp that may have inadvertently fallen down and broken, but which otherwise still 'works')

we will perform for a nominal fee.


There is NO specific expiration date on this policy, NOR do you need a dated register receipt

or the original box it came in or proof of purchase, etc. Simply get the unit to us, in person or

by common carrier, and we'll fix it. In the event you want us to ship the item back to you, please

be sure to contact us PRIOR TO sending it to us, so we can quote appropriate shipping costs.