The Incense Guy -- 2162 Route 715, Reeders, PA 18352
The Incense Guy
Welcome to the world of The Incense Guy


      "Making the world a nicer place" -- that's how a customer

once described what we do. Now, it's our 'mission statement'.

Personally, I'm deeply moved, humbled, honored, and fulfilled

to be able to do my best and to play my part.


      What began over 32 years ago as a little flea market stand

selling potpourri and oils made by others has since blossomed

into a family-owned-&-operated business serving the East Coast,

from Cape Cod to Key West, with the finest fragrance products

available, all made by us -- many, our own exclusive creations!


      All of our fragrant oils, from the familiar to the fantastic,

are our own versions, pure & simple. We carefully choose our

ingredients, expertly blending essential oils and aromatic oils to

bring out the very best in each.


Depend on The Incense Guy for products that smell true, made

strictly with botanicals -- not with dangerous synthetic chemicals.

A quick review of our list shows those products we make with

pure essential oil (noted with an asterisk) -- most, exclusively so.

Many authorities emphasize the use of undiluted essential oils

when an aromatherapeutic benefit is desired. While we agree --

and we do offer a select collection of pure, uncut essential oils

for exactly this reason -- the sense of our fragrant oils is that

they're more for fun ... to 'create an atmosphere', if you will.


      If you're not yet in the habit of using our oils and incense,

prepare to be amazed! If you already are--well, let us know!

Order now, and help us keep "making the world a nicer place"!