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The Incense Guy

All of our products, from the familiar to the fantastic, are our own versions, pure and simple. We carefully source the various components to create each of the scents we offer. While some are derived wholly from essential oils, most are mixed with natural, botanically derived oils to bring out the best in each. Oils for which no natural source exists, as well as those once made from now-endangered sources, are synthesized from botanical materials.

Our products are intended for fun and home accent exclusively. At no time do we suggest that our products be used medicinally, or in place of substances as may be prescribed by doctors or aroma-therapy practitioners. Our policy is to recommend that items sought after for these purposes be those offered by nationally recognized companies specializing in healthcare products, as may be available in health stores, etc.

Those with sensitivities to fragrance products should avoid using our products. Our products are not intended for consumption. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, furniture, painted or finished surfaces, plastic, countertops, food-contact surfaces, appliances, or cookware, etc. Keep out of reach of children. Not for use in confined areas; breathing in vapors from our products may be harmful to both humans and pets, though no instance of this has been reported, and all of the ingredients we use are claimed as being hypoallergenic and safe when used in accordance with intended purposes. Consult with your doctor or veterinarian about using any of our products, if you have any concerns, specific or general, before using any of our products. MSDS (Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets) are available, upon request.

Customers are hereby advised that we, therefore, accept no responsibility whatsoever for the misuse, intentional or otherwise, of any of the products we offer for sale, nor for any potential side-effects experienced either by purchaser or any other person, pet, or animal, etc., or for any damage to any surfaces of any item or to any items not specifically designed for our products to be used with that may result from contact with any of our products.