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The Incense Guy


       Who couldn't benefit from the sense of peace scents bring?


       Whether it's kitchen memories of fresh herbs, bright citrus, or

just-ground spice, or Spring scents, say Lilac or Honeysuckle, that

entice you; whether it's the heady, earthy fragrances, like our Amber

or Musk, or a Holiday scent that makes everything feel nice, it's yours

at the strike of a match or at the touch of your fingertips!


       Our painstaking practice of the purest ingredients compounded

with precision, coupled with our peak-temperature processes, yields

the consistently superior quality oils we make for home fragrance

as well as to wear, and which we hand-dip our acclaimed incense in.

            All that and ... FREE SHIPPING!

(No matter how many items you order, we pay all shipping costs!)

We charge a flat fee of $5 for processing and handling per order --
no matter how many boxes it takes to ship it to you!


         Again ... Thank you for your continued loyalty and patronage!