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The Incense Guy -- 2162 Route 715, Reeders, PA 18352
The Incense Guy


       Imagine a world filled with the comfort and peace fragrances bring!


       Now, whether it's home kitchen memories of herbs, citrus, or spice,

Spring scents like Lilac or Honeysuckle that entice, heady, earthy fragrances

like Amber or Sandalwood, or Holiday favorites that make things feel nice,

it's yours simply at the strike of a match or touch of a diffuser aroma lamp!


       Our careful blending of the purest botanical ingredients coupled with

our unique peak-temperature processes yields the superior quality oils we

offer for home fragrance or personal use, and which we dip our incense in.


There is a flat fee of $7 per order to help defray

credit card processing "partners" fees and other

costs such as packaging materials and shipping costs

which we otherwise pay for ... regardless of the size

of your order or how many boxes it takes to ship it!

This charge is labelled "shipping" because the web host

has no other way of identifying this charge on your bill.


         Again ... Thank you for your continued loyalty and patronage!