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(a page specifically for Directions and Helpful Hints)


How to ... use our Tabletop and Nite-lite Aroma Lamps:

"The brighter they are, the warmer they are ... and the more fragrance you get from them"

You can adjustable the intensity on any aroma lamp we carry.

Nite-lites have dimmers right on board, and Tabletops have either touch-activated metal bases

or thumbwheel dimmers right on the cord.

Our lamps are designed to warm our Fragrant Oils in the glass bowl that's placed above the bulb;

position the bowl accordingly, add about a dropper, i.e., approximately 1TBS (15ml) of oil, and adjust.


How to ... enhance the fragrance and extend the life of the Fragrant Oil:

After positioning the bowl, add approximately 1 TBS (15ml) of our exclusive OIL EXTENDER to the bowl,

and then add 5 to 10 drops of your choice of Fragrant Oil. ( OIL EXTENDER is a proprietory blend with

unscented carrier oil created by us, and designed to make our Fragrant Oil work better and last longer).

We offer OIL EXTENDER in four sizes: 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz.


How to ... replace the bulb:

The bulbs used in our aroma lamps are 120V 35W long-life halogen bulbs with two prongs. They are

inserted straight into the fixture, and removed by pulling them straight out. They DO NOT screw in or out!

These bulbs usually last 2 years or more. Replacement bulbs are generally available at hardware stores;

we also carry them (in a package of 3) at a discounted price.